Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy Birthday, Layne

My niece Layne celebrates her 16th birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Layne!

Following are some photos from the great party that Layne had last night with family and friends to celebrate her birthday.

Above: Layne with her friends Mikey (left) and Jai.

Above: Layne and her grandparents - including, at center,
Mum and Dad.

Above: With my niece Sami (Layne’s younger sister), her
best friend Danika (far right), and
Danika’s sister, Paris.

Above: Layne with her friend Jamilla.

Above: Sami and Danika.

Above (center): With my parents.

Above: Layne’s Dad (my brother), at right, and two BBQ helpers!

Above: Layne and her friends enjoying karaoke
(with the exception of that bloke on the left!).

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