Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bayly Family - January 2009

For an all-too-brief few days earlier this month (January 18-22), the entire Bayly family (my parents, myself, and my two brothers and their families) gathered in Port Macquarie. It was the first time since July 2006 that we have all been together.

Following are some photos from those five days, as well as from earlier in my two month long visit home to Australia - one that ends tomorrow with my return to the snow and ice of Minnesota.

It’s certainly been a great visit - with trips to Newtown, Exeter, and Gunnedah to reconnect with relatives and friends, and time spent amidst the beautiful coastal landscape around Port Macquarie.

But more than any other past return visit to Australia (and this has been the sixth since my relocation to the U.S. in 1994), this one was focused particularly on members of my immediate family as together we shared both good and
difficult times. Thus while I’m definitely looking forward to returning to my life and work in Minnesota, I’m also mindful of a deep feeling of sadness at the thought of once again leaving my wonderful family.

Above: My parents, Gordon and Margaret Bayly - December 2008.

Above: The Bayly boys - January 21, 2009.

I’m standing in the middle with my older brother, Chris, at right, and my younger brother, Tim, at left.

Above: And here we are in 1973! Chris definitely has the best outfit!

Above: My older brother, Chris, and his family. From left: Cathie, Mitchell, Liam, Ryan, Chris, and Brendan.

In July/August of last year, Chris and Cathie and three of my nephews visited me in Minnesota. For photos of their visit, see here.

Above: My younger brother, Tim, and his family. From left: Tim, Sami, Ros, and Layne.

Above: With Tim and Ros - Christmas Day 2008. (Ros painted the beautiful picture on the wall behind us. For another example of her work, click here.)

Above: Layne and Sami - Christmas Day 2008.

Above: Members of the Bayly family with my Mum’s brother, Michael Sparkes, and his wife, Val - visiting Port Macquarie from Gunnedah (January 20-22).

From left: Cathie, Uncle Michael, Aunty Val, Mitchell, Liam, Mum, Brendan, and Ryan.

Above: Three generations of the family: My Dad (at left), his eldest son (my brother, Chris, at right), and Chris’ eldest son, Ryan (center) - January 18 (Chris’ birthday!), 2009.

Above: Mum, Liam, me, Mitchell, Liam, and my brother, Tim - January 18, 2009.

Above: My niece, Layne, stands with two of her cousins from her Dad’s side of the family (my nephews Ryan and Liam), and her cousin from her Mum’s side of the family (Rory, standing at left).

Above: Rory, Ryan, Layne, and Liam in 1996.

Above: With Mum and Dad - December 2008.

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