Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brendan

The youngest of my nieces and nephews, Brendan, turns ten today.

Happy Birthday, Brendan!

The photos of Brendan that accompany this post were taken in the summer of 2005 when I visited Brendan and his family in England.

One of my New Year’s resolution is to remember and acknowledge the birthdays of all my wonderful nieces and nephews! I’ve been pretty lousy about doing this in recent years, but that’s the great thing about a new year - you can start afresh.

And so I’m starting by sending Brendan all my love and best wishes for his birthday!

Above: With Brendan and his brothers - August 2005.

Above: During my time in England, Brendan and I were a great team in the kitchen! He was like a little monkey up on the counter top, while I guess you could call me the half-Naked Chef!

Above: Taking a break from what one normally does on a trampoline.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Michael

Thank you very much for all those photos, i can remember heaps of them. Your present hasn't come yet but i think it will come tomorrow.

For my birthday i had 3 friends over and one of them brang over his X-Box 360 so we had 2 X-Box's and we hooked them up together and we played Halo 3 with two people on each team then we went out to dinner at El Ta Etoe the restraunt where Caffe Uno use to be.

Love Brendan