Friday, August 21, 2009


Tonight’s Wild Reed “Friday night music spot” highlights singer/songwriter Jenny Morris and her song “Tears.”

Originally recorded in 1980 when she was with the New Zealand band
The Crocodiles, the version I’m sharing tonight was re-recorded for Morris’ 1992 “greatest hits” album, The Story So Far – an album that I’ve been playing recently when working out! “Tears” is the opening track, and I’ve got a feeling that whenever I hear it from now on, I’ll be fighting the urge to start doing sit-ups! I guess there are worse things to relate a song to!

Anyway, here’s Jenny Morris and “Tears.” Enjoy!

You’re back again but I’m so sorry, it’s too late
You’ve got behind, you’re somewhere back in ’68
Mmm, I guess it goes to show how wrong a boy can be
I’m standing right in front of you
You can’t see me

Tears . . . I feel them on my cheeks
Tears . . . I’ve been this way for weeks
Tears . . . I’m back here at the start
Tears . . . tearing me apart

You said you were an agency for paradise
I went along, it slipped my mind to check the price

Tears . . .

You say you love me still, it’s a lie
You say you always will, tell me why
All you ever do is make me cry

Tears . . . If this is love I’d like to kick it

You picked me up so you can put me down again
Don’t ya know, don’t ya know, don’t you know
I guess it must be true those things they say about men

They’re all around me, trying to tell me it’s ok
The way I feel, I’d like to push them all away

Tears . . .

I feel the rolling down, they’re rolling down
They’re rolling down my cheeks, oh yeah

If you want love, if you want love
You got to look in the right places
If you want love, if you want love
You can’t break my heart
You can’t break my heart
If you want love, if you want love
I can feel it dying through you
If you want love, if you want love
You got to love, you got to love
You’ve got to love

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