Monday, November 30, 2009

Missing Comments

I recently discovered that there are missing comments from previous posts. Take for instance this post. It says at the bottom that there are four comments, when in fact there are only two - both from me addressing “Mark” whose comments are now missing!

Does anyone know what’s going on?

Could Mark have deleted his own comments? If so, why does it still say there are four comments?

If he didn’t delete them, who did? Are they gone forever?

If anyone can explain what’s going on it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Jayden Cameron said...

hmmm? I deleted a comment of one person because he had posted it twice (thinking to save the individual embarrassment), but the post still lists his double comments (3 comments instead of 2). This probably doesn't help, but just thought I'd add it.

colkoch said...

Michael, I've never had any problems with comments mysteriously disappearing. I happen to think blogspot commenting is a little clunky, but apparently not enough to change it to something different on my own blog.

Terry Nelson said...

Mark would have removed his comments himself - a commenter cannot delete permanently - but if you delete a comment you yourself made - on your own blog - you can make it go away permanently.

Mark Andrews said...

Were they my posts? I don't remember deleting anything.

I have a wild guess though: I got an invitation to try Google Wave. However, if you use Wave, you can't use Google Docs. I inadvertently activated Google Docs and "Presto!" my Google account was disabled.

If the posts I made were associated with the disabled Google account, perhaps that made them vanish?