Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Reflections on Maine

Here’s a sampling of what online commentators are saying about yesterday’s election results, in particular the repealing in Maine of the state’s new law allowing same-sex marriage.

The Day After Election Day - Jim Burroway (Box Turtle Bulletin, November 4, 2009).

The Other Marriage Nail-Biter: Victory - Andrew Sullivan (The Daily Dish, Movember 4, 2009).

What Thomas Jefferson Would Think of Maine Voting on Other People’s Rights - Mike Alvear (Huffington Post, November 4, 2009).

A Few Words on Maine and the Dying Hog of Homophobia - Pam Spaulding (Pam’s House Blend, November 4, 2009).

Election Night: Several Steps Forward, One Step Back - Terence Weldon (Queering the Church, November 4, 2009).

Bigotry and the Infusion of Religion in the Civil Laws Prevail in Maine - Michael B. Hamer (Michael-In-Norfolk, November 4, 2009).

How Outright Lies Were Used to Defeat Prop 1 in Maine - Colleen Kochvair-Baker (Enlightened Catholicism, November 4, 2009).

Gay Marriage Activists Look Ahead After Big Defeat in Maine - Michael A. Lindenberger (Time, November 4, 2009).

The World’s First “Civil Likes” Movement - Wayne Besen (, November 4, 2009).

Maine, Detroit, and the Closet - John Corvino (Independent Gay Forum, November 7, 2009).

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NOTE: The opening image is by Elliot Ryan. It was first published at Box Turtle Bulletin.


colkoch said...

Michael Hamer hit on two of the same thoughts I had:

"One has to wonder when the birthers and Christianists will seek an initiative to take away the citizenship of non-white immigrants. What is most disgusting to me is that allowing gay marriage took nothing from these haters, but takes much away from same sex couples."

Of course there are too many Hispanic Catholics for the Church to side with the anti immigration forces, but it would be fun to see these anti gay allies at each other's throats.

Mareczku said...

I quote Andrew Sullivan, "Because this is a vote on my dignity as a human being, it is hard not to take it personally or emotionally." What breaks my heart in this is all the money that the Catholic Church spent on this. I am offended that they took up collections at Mass. I wonder if they told the gay people not to come to the Masses that they took these collection at. I wonder what the gay priests felt having to take up such collections. Surely this is a great victory for Bishop Malone and he must be happy and proud of himself. But I wonder if he ever pondered the morality of collecting money from people that hate homosexuality and despise gay people. Yes, I am sure that a lot of those haters willingly donated. I suppose Bishop Malone is a good politician but where is the compassion of Christ here?

Br. Anselm Philip King-Lowe, OSB said...

I would like to share with everyone a link to a reaction to the vote against same-sex marriage that is quite different.

I hope this will offer some consolation.

Michael J. Bayly said...

Thanks for the link, Philip.