Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Prayer of the Week

For this week’s installment of The Wild Reed’s “Prayer of the Week” series, I share Elizabeth S. Tapia’s beautiful prayer from the anthology Just One Year: A Global Treasury of Prayer and Worship (edited by Timothy Radcliffe, OP). I invite you to join me in praying this prayer throughout this week.


Gentle God,
who, in Jesus Christ,
showed us humility and compassion,
we thank You for your gracious love.
Forgive our sin of pride and apathy,
empower us to struggle for justice.
For the sake of the most oppressed
and totally broken in body and spirit.

Compassionate Jesus,
teach us to be true disciples
in our times
in all places today.
Enable us to change attitudes and structures
that enslave.
Give us eyes to see and hearts to be.

Divine Wisdom, Holy Spirit,
in your grace, transform the world
in us, through us.
Cleanse our hearts and renew our spirits.
With serving hands and liberating actions,
we humbly pray for courage and inspiration
to do your will beginning today.

In Jesus’ name, we hope and pray,

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Image: Michael Bayly.

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Mareczku said...

Amen to that.

Peace - Mark