Thursday, May 06, 2010

Quote of the Day

Maybe the Catholic Church should be turned upside down.

Jesus wasn’t known for pontificating from palaces, covering up scandals, or issuing Paleolithic edicts on social issues. Does anyone think he would have protected clergymen who raped children?

Yet if the top of the church has strayed from its roots, much of its base is still deeply inspiring. . . . [T]here seem to be two Catholic Churches, the old boys’ club of the Vatican and the grass-roots network of humble priests, nuns and laity . . . The Vatican certainly supports many charitable efforts, and some bishops and cardinals are exemplary, but overwhelmingly it’s at the grass roots that I find the great soul of the Catholic Church.

. . . It’s because of brave souls [at this grassroots level] that I honor the Catholic Church. I understand why many Americans disdain a church whose leaders are linked to cover-ups and antediluvian stances on women, gays and condoms — but the Catholic Church is far larger than the Vatican.

– Nicholas D. Kristof
Who Can Mock This Church?
New York Times
May 1, 2010

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Anonymous said...

It's as if I've been through the wringer in the past few months. I've gone from daily Eucharist preceeded by Rosary prayer to avoiding Holy Week and Easter 2010 entirely. I am feeling disoriented and have probably read too much on the web. I will need a serious discernment process if I'm ever to decided how I will participate in the body of Christ in local expression. The good news is I'm embracing myself deeply and 'coming out'! I'm not too concerned about the hierarchy now, it's being taken care of. We are in for momentous days ahead. Breathe!