Sunday, May 09, 2010

Quote of the Day

There is nothing so pure and fundamental as movement. We are a moving species on a spinning planet in an expanding universe. We need locomotion to stay alive and seem to have always enjoyed moving. I can only presume the utility of walking upright must have instantly been transformed by early humans into "dance," a means to express ideas or emotions before we could speak. Dance these days has become so rarified as an art form or such an unconscious activity that we almost forget why we are so compelled. Early apes must have stood up, rocked about, and enjoyed the feeling and wanted to share. The impulse to express emotions (joy, frustration, danger, lust, loneliness, compassion, desire, anger, love) through the extension of our limbs is a beautiful medium. When I see exquisite dancing I am never more highly aware of — and deeply thankful for — my body and its ability to feel.

– Mick Schommer
“Upright Advantages”
May 8, 2010

Image: Joaquín Cortés (photographer unknown).

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