Friday, August 06, 2010

Quote of the Day

[A]nti-gay religious opponents of same-sex marriage fail to recognize that same-sex marriage is ultimately about love. Hiding behind their motherhood-and-apple-pie rhetoric that marriage between a man and a woman is the "bedrock of society" (as the once-polygamous Mormon Church stated) or "civilization's longstanding public policy" (as the pedophile-sheltering [Roman] Catholic Church stated), these opponents have a bizarre theological obsession with needing to legitimize sexual pleasure through biological procreation alone.

In my view, the obsession that anti-gay Christians have with the mechanics of sexual acts (that is, tab A can only be inserted into slot B) without any regard to the loving quality of the underlying relationships – whether homosexual or heterosexual – is profoundly wrong from a theological, ethical, and biblical perspective. For example, the Bible refers to same-sex acts six times. However, it refers to love nearly 800 times. What do you think is more important from God's perspective?

– Rev. Patrick S. Cheng
"What About Love?: Why Judge Walker's Proposition 8 Ruling
is Theologically Correct
The Huffington Post
August 4, 2010

Recomennded Off-site Link:
Patrick Cheng on Theological Reading of Prop 8 Decision, and What Centrist Catholic Silence About the Silence Portends - William D. Lindsey (Bilgrimage, August 6, 2010).

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