Monday, June 09, 2014

May Balance and Harmony Be Your Aim . . .

. . . as you are drawn into the Heart of Love.

Enter into the Silence,
into the Heart of Truth;
For herein lies the Great Mystery
where life is ever unfolding;
Herein the Divine Plan is made known,
the Plan all are invited to serve.
Listen for the Music of the Spheres
in the resounding Silence of the universe.
May balance and harmony be your aim
as you are drawn into the Heart of Love.

Those who follow the way of Love
with calm and faith-filled intent,
know that all is working toward
healing and wholeness.
And may the healing power of Love
lift you from the limitations
of fear and ignorance
into the arms of freedom.
May the peace of the Spirit bless you
and lead you on life's journey.
Be not afraid of the Silence,
for Wisdom's Voice is heard there!

. . . Wise are those who learn through silence;
learn then to listen well.
For beyond the silence and stillness within,
you will come to know a profound
and dazzling Silence –
Herein lies the Music of the Spheres,
the harmony of creation.
Enter into the Sacred Altar within,
converse with the Beloved in
sweet communion.
Blessings of the Great Silence
be with you as you help to rebuild
the heart of the world with love!

– Excerpted from Psalm 132
as translated by Nan C. Merrill
in Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness

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Image: Synkwan Yam (photographer unknown).

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