Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mitch

In the United Kingdom today, my nephew Mitchell celebrates his 12th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mitch!

These first two photos were taken when Mitch and his family returned to Australia for a visit during my longer-than-expected sojourn back home in Australia (May 2006-January 2007) as I awaited the completion of my application for U.S. green card status.

Above: Mitch (right) with his Dad (my older brother, Chris) and his younger brother Brendan - July 2006.

Above and below: Mitch on the trampoline. These photos were taken when I visited Mitch and his family in the United Kingdom during the summer of 2005.

Above: Mitch - December 2000.

Above: Another one from the archives! This photo from 1998 shows my parents and I with Mitch and his brothers. From left: Brendan, Mitch, Ryan, and Liam. It was taken in my hometown of Gunnedah.

Above: The last time I saw Mitch in July 2006 I snapped this memorable image!

In August of this year, Mitch and his family will visit me in Minnesota, an event that I’m greatly looking forward to!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Michael,

Thank you lots for the book, i had always seen this book in shops and thought it looked interesting. i have always wanted to read it and now i can!

i just got back from Bath. it was a school trip. i will tell you all about it when we come to America! i can't wait to get there!

Love from Mitch