Sunday, March 28, 2021

Chadwick Boseman Receives Posthumous NAACP Image Award

Actor Chadwick Boseman was honored posthumously at the 2021 NAACP Image Awards, which took place yesterday, Saturday, March 27. Chadwick died seven months ago today from colon cancer.

Writes De Elizabeth:

The late actor, who passed away in August of last year, received a posthumous award for his acting in Netflix's Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, one of several posthumous accolades awarded to him in recent months. As noted by People, Chadwick’s wife Taylor Simone Ledward Boseman accepted the award for him in a livestreamed video, and in addition to thanking all of the loved ones whom she knows Chadwick would mention, she took a moment to draw attention to the prevalence of colon cancer, which the actor was diagnosed with prior to his death.

Noting that colon cancer is not uncommon, she added, “Black people in this country are 20 percent more likely to be diagnosed with colon cancer and 40 percent more likely to die from it. The age for routine screening has recently been lowered to 45 so if you are 45 years of age or older, please get screened. Don't put it off any longer, please get screened.”

She went on to note that people younger than 45 can also be victims of the disease (Chadwick was 43 when he passed away last year), and she urged everyone watching to know the symptoms and warnings of colon cancer, which can include blood in one’s stool, abdominal pain or cramping, fatigue, and unintended weight loss. “Please be proactive about your health,” she said. “Know the signs, know the science, listen to your body.”

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