Saturday, January 09, 2010

Lighthouse Beach

Earlier this afternoon I spent several hours with members of my family at Port Macquarie’s Lighthouse Beach. As you can see from these images, it’s a very beautiful area.

Left and below: Camel Rock, at the southern end of Lighthouse Beach.

Above: Tacking Point Lighthouse gives the beach its name. Built in 1879, it’s Australia’s third oldest lighthouse, and is located at the northern end of Lighthouse Beach.

Above and below: The views when climbing to the summit of Tacking Point are quite spectacular.

Right: With my brother Tim on the viewing platform at the summit of Tacking Point.

Left: My brother, his wife, and their youngest daughter.

My sister-in-law’s great-grandfather died in a shipwreck just north of Tacking Point when the steamer Sumatra floundered in 1823 during a winter storm.

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Images: Michael Bayly.

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Mark A. said...

Meanwhile, here in Nebraska, I had a guy with a snow plow blade on his giant pickup truck clean my driveway off. Lighthouse Beach...make's me nostalgic for Monterey. No snow in either place.