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The Wild Reed's Year in Review

Part 4: October – December 2009

Following is a final sampling of Wild Reed posts that I particularly enjoyed writing and sharing in 2009. Many of these posts have also generated many interesting and worthwhile comments from readers.

If you haven’t yet read these posts I hope you will take the time to do so, and that the experiences and insights they convey resonate with you, and serve to encourage and inspire you on your journey.


October 2009

Liberated to Be Together – A Solidarity Sunday Homily

To Be Gay in Iraq . . .

Sergius and Bacchus: Martyrs, Saints, and Lovers

A Catholic Voice for Marriage Equality at the State Capitol

An Ironic Truth

Remembering Stephen Gately, Gay Pop Pioneer

John Corvino on the “Always and Everywhere” Argument Against Gay Marriage

The Catholic Cafeteria Line: Stretching Now to the Right

No Matter What

An Exciting Endeavor

Halloween Thoughts

November 2009

Patrick Ryan on the “Defense of Traditional Marriage” Argument Against Gay Marriage

For the Intrepid Sarah Jane Smith, the Adventures Continue

Lowell Erdahl on Unlearning the Things That Used to Be Obvious

The Twin Cities-based CCCR Goes Global

A Return to the Spirit

Knowing What to Do, Knowing Why to Stay

A Christian Case for Same-Sex Marriage

Gay Catholics, the Courage Apostolate, and Reparative Therapy

Report: Homosexuality No Factor in Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal

Steve Chapman: “Time is On the Side of Gay Marriage”

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Courage Apostolate

First They Take Manhattan

For the Record

My Response to Archbishop Flynn

Thoughts of Waiting . . . and a Resolution – Advent 2009

December 2009

Don Gorton on the Significance of Maurice

Sex as Mystery, Sex as Light

The Affirmation Declaration

Beginning of the Wild Reed series, CPCSM and the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis

Nathanial Frank on the “Natural Law” Argument Against Gay Marriage

Robert McClory Remembers Edward Schillebeeckx

Why This Gay Man Takes Heart from the Feast of the Holy Family

Anatone France’s The Ocean Christ

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