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The Wild Reed's Year in Review

Part 3: July – September 2009

Following is a further selection of Wild Reed posts that I particularly enjoyed writing and sharing in 2009. Many of these posts have also generated many interesting and worthwhile comments from readers.

If you haven’t yet read these posts I hope you will take the time to do so, and that the experiences and insights they convey resonate with you, and serve to encourage and inspire you on your journey.


July 2009

Michele Madigan Somerville: “I Love the Radical Catholic Church”

William D. Lindsey on “The Catholic Challenge”

Getting It Right

Robert Caruso on the Pentecost Rainbow Sash Presence at the Cathedral

The Pope’s Progressive Agenda

The Vatican and US Women Religious

Continuation of The Wild Reed series The Journal of James Curtis with Part 5: My Lunch with a “Medicine Bearer”

The Treasure and the Dross

Sometimes I Wonder . . .

The History of Vatican Visitations

The Allure of St. Sebastian

Robert Caruso’s Scholarly Introduction to Old Catholicism

A Surprising Finding Regarding Catholics and Gay Marriage


August 2009

Trading with Frozen Truths

It’s Official: APA Opposes “Reparative Therapy”

The Continuum Just Shrank

Holding the Courage Apostolate Accountable

Continuation of The Wild Reed series The Journal of James Curtis with Part 6: Father Brandon

Beginning of the 5-part Wild Reed series, James Carroll on Catholic Understandings of Truth

In Prophetic Obedience to the Spirit – Roman Catholic Womenpriests Ordained in Minneapolis

Ordination of Women in Minneapolis Reflects Emerging Renewal of Priesthood and Church

Remembering Cletus Wessels, O.P. (1930-2009)

Part 3 of The Wild Reed series, “Thoughts on Celibacy”

On Gay Issues, ELCA Elects to Embody a Living, Growing Faith

Beginning of The Wild Reed series, Will We See Change?

Eugene Kennedy on Roman Catholicism’s “Post-Hierarchical Blues”

“More Lovely Than the Dawn”: God as Divine Lover

September 2009

Christopher Howe on the Cowardice of the Courage Apostolate

Scandalous News from Maine

Mary Hunt on the “Ratzinger Letter” of 1986 as “Theological Pornography”

One Thousand!

Blood, Sex, Magic: Welcome to the World of True Blood

Time for a Church for Grown-Ups

Shirtless Guy Offers Survival Tips for Gay Catholics

St. Michael the Archangel: Perspectives and Portraits

Beginning of the 3-part Wild Reed series, Understanding the Old Catholic Church

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