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The Wild Reed's Year in Review

Part 2: April – June 2009

Following is a further selection of 2009 Wild Reed posts that I particularly enjoyed writing and sharing. Many of these posts have also generated the most comments from readers.

If you’ve yet to read these posts I hope you will take the time to do so, and that the experiences and insights they convey resonate with you, and serve to encourage and inspire you on your journey.


April 2009

The Standard of Sexual Ethics: Human Flourishing, Not Openness to Procreation

The Wild Reed’s “Passion of Christ” series (featuring the artwork of Doug Blanchard).

A Brave Hope

Easter Reflections

Staying on Board

The Catholic Coalition for Church Reform

The Call to Be Dialogical Catholics

Many Voices, One Church

Recognizing the Similarities Between Racism and Heterosexism

The Inherent Sensuality of Roman Catholicism

“Something Exciting and Joyful” - The April 18 Prayer Breakfast of the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform

It’s Still Out There

Continuation of The Wild Reed series The Journal of James Curtis with Part 3: A Journey Begins

May 2009

Conclusion of The Wild Reed series In the Footsteps of Spring with Part 4: No Stranger Am I

The 35th Annual “In the Heart of the Beast” May Day Parade – Part 1: Getting Started and Part 2: Celebrating Our Common Treasury

American Catholics and Obama

Michelangelo: Gifted Artist, Lover of Male Beauty, and Secret Reformer of the Church

Continuation of The Wild Reed series The Journal of James Curtis with Part 4: Carlos

“Curing” Homosexuality

Why the Bishops Are Being Ignored

Gay People and the Spiritual Life

Weakland, the Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal, and Homophobia

Abuse Survivor Says Scapegoating Homosexuality for Clergy Sex Abuse is “Ill-informed, Ignorant, Corrupt, and Dishonest”

The American Movie Goodbye Solo Conveys Truth and Beauty in the Best Tradition of Iranian Film-Making

The Spirit and the Faithful

June 2009

Rosemary Haughton and the “True Catholic Enterprise”

The Challenge to Become Ourselves

Brian McNeill on Who Really “Disrupted” the Pentecost Sunday Mass at the Cathedral

“Glambert” and the New Gay Stereotype

Officially Homophobic, Intensely Homoerotic

Buffy Sainte-Marie: Singing It and Praying It; Living It and Saying It

Paula Ruddy on Ascertaining the Common Good

Is Dialogue Always Possible?

Preparing to Claim Our Place at the Table

Sen. John Marty on Marriage Equality in Minnesota: “We Can Make It Happen”

The Wild Reed’s special “Gay Pride 2009”series:
Part 1: A Mother’s Request to President Obama: Full Equality for My Gay Son
Part 2: Marriage Equality in Massachusetts: Five Years On
Part 3: Adam Lambert’s Coming Out: It Shouldn’t Matter. Except It Does
Part 4: Gay Pride as a Christian Event
Part 5: Not Just Another Special Interest Group
Part 6: David Weiss: “Can You Hear Me, Yet, My Friend?”

A Catholic Presence at Gay Pride

NEXT: Part 3: July - September 2009

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