Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quote of the Day

I shouldn’t be totally surprised that a male true believer would write . . . about the gay agenda being responsible for gay bullying. Powerful men have historically blamed their victims for bringing on their own victimization. It began way back when male leadership convinced women they were to blame for their status as property because of Eve’s disobedience. It was as if Adam had done nothing wrong and was therefore still entitled to be considered the pinnacle of God’s worldly creation.

The same tripe is now being presented by right wing Catholics all over the blogosphere. The “perfect society” of the Catholic Church is not responsible in any way, shape or form for the fact that these disordered, inclined-to-evil youth opt to kill themselves rather than turn to the tender mercies of the “love the sinner, hate the sin” Christian loving church folks. This is kind of like expecting the French Roma to turn to President Sarkozy for help, or illegal immigrants to turn to Phoenix’s Sherrif Arpaio. It’s asking people to be pathological in their victimhood, or to come down with a serious case of Stockholm syndrome. Hmmmm, maybe that explains the seminary system.

– Colleen Kochivar-Baker
Please, Stop It with the Blame the Victim Defense
Enlightened Catholicism
October 17, 2010

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