Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Something to Think About

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U.S. Marks 100th Anniversary of Tulsa Race Massacre, When White Mob Destroyed “Black Wall Street”Democracy Now! (May 28, 2021).
The Tulsa Massacre: Remembering the History of “Black Wall Street” – Alaina E Roberts (Al Jazeera, May 31, 2021).
Biden Becomes First President to Lead Remembrance for Tulsa Race Massacre Victims – Chris Sommerfeldt (New York Daily News, June 1, 2021).
January 6 Commission Vote: Don’t Be Shocked by the GOP’s Embrace of White Nationalism – It’s Nothing New for the Party – Sara Kamali (Fortune, May 27, 2021). Fears Mount That GOP's Big Lie on 2020 Just a “Test Run” for What Comes Next – Jessica Corbett (Common Dreams, May 27, 2021).
The Republican Party Is an Existential Threat to American Democracy – Robert Reich (RobertReich.org, May 31, 2021).

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