Monday, April 26, 2010

Prayer of the Week

For this week’s installment of The Wild Reed’s “Prayer of the Week” series, I share Terry Oakley’s beautiful “Prayer for Others,” taken from Just One Year: A Global Treasury of Prayer and Worship (edited by Timothy Radcliffe, OP). I invite you to join me in praying this prayer throughout this week.


A Prayer for Others

Move us to action, loving God,
so that we do not avoid the pain of the world by escapism,
but engage in work of justice and peace.

Move us to action, compassionate God,
so that we do not care only for ourselves or our own,
but care for all those in need, friends and strangers alike.

Move us to action, healing God,
so that we do not aim simply for our own health,
but share our resources with all who are dis-eased.

Move us to action, friendly God,
so that we do not exclude those different from us,
but welcome with generous hospitality those in need.

Move us to action, wonderful God,
so that we do not lie lukewarm in apathy,
but give of ourselves in courage and daring for your cause.

In the power and grace of the Spirit of Christ,
we offer ourselves and our prayer,
for you to make us your wonder.


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Image: Michael Bayly.

1 comment:

Bob Caruso said...

Thank you for this prayer, Michael!

It is indeed a prayer calling Christians to serve and be Christ's hands and feet in the world -- embracing the majority of the poor of our world with our hearts -- and befriending those whom society rejects. Generally speaking, to be counter-cultural and prophetic in humanizing the world as well as the church.

Thanks for the wonderful pictures too!