Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quote of the Day

An institution with the depth of 2,000 years of history seeking to be the moral leader on the earth has to squarely face that the cover-up of crimes is also a severe and festering wound in the Church.

Tears, yes. Words, yes. But solid and convincing action that is uniquely within the Pope’s purview is what is needed. Remove the bishops and Vatican hierarchy that covered up. Otherwise what we have is creeping relativism, the very thing Pope Benedict preached against on the eve of his election to the papacy five years ago.

The Pope’s tears in his eyes at Malta should surely lead him to addressing the victims in his own country. For the German victims there has been absolute silence from him.

- "Pursuing Cover-Up Bishops Has to be Part of Justice,
Otherwise We Have Relativism"
National Survivor Advocates Coalition
April 18, 2010

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Survivors to Pope Benedict: Challenge Moral Relativism in Abuse Cover-Up - William Lindsey (Bilgrimage, April 18, 2010).

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