Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Happy Birthday, Liam

In Australia today my nephew Liam celebrates his 18th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Liam!

The first three photos accompanying this post were taken in January of this year during my visit home to Australia. During this time my older brother and his family (including Liam) visited my parents' home in Port Macquarie from their home in Melbourne.

Below: Liam playing tennis in Port Macquarie.

Above: Liam, at right, with his family. From left: Liam's brothers Mitch and Ryan; Liam's Dad (and my older brother) Chris; Liam's Mum, Cathie; and his younger brother, Brendan.

Above: With Liam in the garden of my home in St. Paul, during Liam and his family's 2008 visit to Minnesota.

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Mareczku said...

Happy birthday and blessings to Liam.