Thursday, April 30, 2009

Out and About - April 2009

Above: On Wednesday, April 8, some friends and I participated in a “Passover seder meal for Christians” hosted by my friend Robert Caruso, his partner, John, and members of their church, Cornerstone Old Catholic Community.

Standing (from left): Emily, Fred, Brian, and Robert. Front: John, me, and Kay.

For additional images, along with more about this special meal, click here.

Celebrating the Easter Vigil - Saturday, April 11, 2009 - with my friends Brigid and Molly (above), and John, Ken, and Rita (below).

Above: Easter Sunday lunch with my friends (from left) Kathleen, Ken, Paula, Sue Ann, and Carol.

Above: Checking out a new bar called Tickles in Northeast Minneapolis – Sunday, April 12, 2009.

Above: With fellow Catholic Coalition for Church Reform co-founder, Connie Aligada, at one of our many meetings during the past few months - this one in Hudson, WI, on Tuesday, April 18. And the reason for all these meetings? Well, keep reading . . .

Above: The April 18, 2009, prayer breakfast hosted by the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform.

The primary purpose of the prayer breakfast was to announce and plan a series of “Synods of the Baptized,” scheduled to take place within the local church over the next two-three years. The keynote speaker at the breakfast was Janet Hauter, vice-president of Voice of the Faithful (National) and co-chair of the American Catholic Council.

For more about this “exciting and joyous” event in the local church and/or to get involved, click here.

Above: With my good friends Ken and Carol Masters at the Trust Meals on Wheels’ “Thank you, Volunteers!” luncheon – Monday, April 20, 2009.

Every Thursday, Ken and I deliver meals to house-bound people. He drives and I deliver. We make a great team!

Above and below: The third and final session of CPCSM’s 2009 Bill Kummer Forum – Monday, April 20.

This particular session involved the screening of the award-winning documentary film, For the Bible Tells Me So, at Spirit of Hope Catholic Community.

Pictured with me in the photo above are CPCSM co-founder, David McCaffrey (center), and Spirit of Hope pastor, Rev. Marty Shanahan (at right).

Above: At Spirit of Hope Catholic Community - April 20, 2009. From left: Paula Ruddy, Bill LeMay, David McCaffrey, Deb LeMay, me, Bill Wright, Roger Urbanski, and Rev. Marty Shanahan.

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