Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Art of Dan Raphael

Last Saturday I attended an exhibition of my friend Dan Raphael’s artwork at the Casket Arts Building in NE Minneapolis.

I first met Dan in the
summer of 2007. I’m honored to have his art feature in two previous Wild Reed posts (see here and here). As you can see, he is a very gifted artist.

About his art, Dan has said:

It began as the solution to a conundrum of mine. As I immersed myself in the work, or let it surface, it began to help me make sense of my whereabouts in life. I could slow things down. Art was the necessary conduit between myself, and the rest of the world.

From the day I made the commitment to myself that I would, in fact, be an artist, I have not wavered from producing it. The adventures have been an ever forward progression. In years past, the work reflected my angst. When my soul was in a place of peril, the work labored to tell me so, at the same time prodding me forward to seek a way out.

Though the work has been a continuous “getting acquainted with myself,” I don’t feel I see the half of it, after 20 years of painting. I have ascertained that my artwork is a steady demonstration of my innate optimism. I am comfortable with that limited knowledge, enough to let it continue on its own purpose. I make contributions, but in the end it does what it wishes.

Above: Dan and his friend Stephanie - Saturday, October 3, 2009.

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