Thursday, October 29, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Actually, I had two birthday celebrations this past weekend. How lucky was I?

Of course, I would have been more than happy to have had one big celebration for my 44th birthday but my house just isn’t big enough. So on one evening I hosted a party for friends with whom I socialize, while on another evening I hosted a gathering for folks with whom I both socialize and work. Both nights were a lot of fun.

Above: With my friends Daniel and Bob: a rose between two thorns?

I’ve shared in a number of previous posts about Bob Caruso’s vocation as a priest in the Old Catholic Church. For my 2007 interview with him, click here. For a review of his book on the origin, theology, and essence of Old Catholicism, click here. For a series of excerpts from Bob’s book, click here.

Above: Noelle, Eileen, Bernie, and Phil.

Bernie Rodel and I, along with our friend Paula Ruddy, serve as co-chairs of the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform. Bernie’s wife Eileen is also on the board of CCCR.

You may recall how in September I accompanied my friend Phil, his mum Noelle, and other members of his family to Northfield for the town’s annual “Defeat of Jesse James Days” celebration.

Right: With my friend Jairo. Those are quail eggs on the table in front of us which Jairo prepared, along with a very delicious dip. He also prepared a wonderful dish of farro, which is one of the most ancient foods on earth.

Below: My friends Patty, SueAnn, and Brigid.

Above: Daniel, Tony, and Michael.

October 23 is not only my birthday but the Michael pictured above’s and Jane’s, pictured with me
below at left.

Above: With Jane and Mary Jo. All three of us serve on the board of the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform. I’m a general co-chair, Jane’s our Information Systems specialist, and Mary Jo is chair of our 2010 Synod Local Arrangements Committee.

Mary Jo and I also each facilitate a 2010 Synod Work/Study Group. For the latest update of my group, click here.

Left: Rita, John, and David.

David McCaffrey is co-founder of the organization I work for as executive coordinator - the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities (CPCSM).

Above: Mike, Amy, and Dan.

I recently attended a wonderful exhibit of my friend Dan’s artwork.

Above: Kate and Phil.

Right: Mary Jo, Kathleen, and Bernie.

Recently, I accompanied my friend Kathleen and her son Joey to Trempealeau, WI. And last year the three of us took a road trip to St, Louis. Both Kathleen and I are consociates of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet - St. Paul Province.

Above: Mary Beth, Joe, Molly, Mary Lynn, Mike, and Paula.

Above: Jairo, Greg, Michael, and Brian.

Left: Standing second from right with (from left) Jim, James, Jairo, and Mike.

My friend James Pennington serves as pastor at Spirit of the Lakes United Church of Christ, which is where CPCSM has its office.

Above: What a spread!

Above: Phil and Joe.

Right: Mary, Mary Lynn, and Paula.

Above: Rick, Brian, Paul, and Tony.

Above: Bob, John, Jairo, and Brian.

Thanks to everyone who made my
44th birthday celebration/s so wonderful!

To read my October 23 birthday post, click here.


Mareczku said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. What a great birthday. Many blessing to you, Michael.


Michael J. Bayly said...

Thanks, Mark! Blessings to you too.