Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Happy Birthday, Liam

In Australia today my nephew Liam celebrates his 17th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Liam!

The first two photos that accompany this post were taken in January of this year during my visit home to Australia.

In the image below, Liam is playing beach cricket on Port Macquarie’s Town Beach. At left is his older brother Ryan.

Above: In the (American) summer of 2008, Liam and his family visited me in Minnesota. In the photo above, Liam is pictured (from left) with his brothers Mitchell and Brendan, and my friends Marguerite Corcoran, CSJ, and Rita McDonald, CSJ.

Above: With Liam in the garden of my home in St. Paul – August 2008.

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Liam said...

Hey uncle Mike!

Thanks for the happy birthday. We had some family over on the 9th and I plan to have my party some time next week. I received a gift certificate for a trial flight in a light sports plane from mum and dad. Basically, the instructor will take off and then give me control once we are high enough, and then I can hopefully do what ever I want under his supervision. I'm really looking forward to it. How's the US treating you?

Liam said...

Hi Uncle Mike!

Usually when I receive a book for my birthday, I put in on the shelf and forget about it - but your choice of book was perfect. For the last few months, I've been researching and planning for a career in aviation, and the book really does make the prospect of flying even more exciting. I'm about half way through now, and I find every story fascinating. Thank you for the book! You could not have made a better choice.