Monday, June 01, 2009

The Catholic Thing

By Kilian McDonnell, OSB

“The carnality of the [Catholic] Church really drew me.” – Mary Karr

Catholicism isn’t for lotus eaters:
we put a body on the cross.
Like all dysfunctional families
we tear flesh, spill blood
before we eat.

To celebrate the naked Christ between
the thieves: jeweled crosses, purple
cassocks, lace cuffs, ermine capes.
Popes and bishops draw the line
at rouge.

We’re big on things we can touch:
wine, bread, oil, votive candles,
and sometimes, the palpable
body of man. The Word made flesh

Kilian McDonnell, OSB
God Drops and Loses Things
St. John’s University Press
Collegeville, MN, 2009

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